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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you have?
We accept only Bitcoin, Litecoin and Western Union payments. Bitcoin is safer and cheaper for you and for us, therefore this payment method has an additional 10% discount.

Your prices are reasonable. What’s the reason behind that?
Working directly with manufacturers is the number one reason why our prices are fair. We also ensure that the minimum order you can get is 5 vials which makes it easier for you to buy large quantities for less.

I’ve received peptides from you but they don’t have labels. Why is that so?
Customs don’t allow the packages through especially if they have labels. Therefore, we must differentiate various products based on the color of their caps hence the peptides we deliver to you have no labels.

How can I get in touch with you in case of any queries?
We are here at your service and would you have any burning queries, feel free to contact us through this email, [email protected] and our down to earth customer care will be more than willing to respond promptly.

I placed an order with you but unfortunately, I didn’t receive a confirmation email. How can I know whether the order went through or not?
You can check the status of your order on the Order Tracking page.

I recently received a peptide which has less powder than the ones I’ve bought in the past. Could it be that this peptide does not have the proper MG?
It is natural for peptides to vary in shape and size. We expect a peptide to be perfect after the lyophilization process is complete. However, it can at times appear different but the good news is that the potency or the quality of the product remains unchanged. It is also normal for some specific proteins like LR3 to appear larger in size than a mod of GHRP or GRF, but our pharmacy always works hard day and night to present perfect products to our clients.

How is the order packaging done?
Any order is packaged in either an envelope or box. All products are examined carefully to ensure they conform to what you ordered, then wrapped firmly in bubble wrap to maintain the safety and privacy of the highest level.

Do you ship throughout the world?
We understand that people interested in our products are spread internationally. Therefore, our products are shipped in all corners of the world except Australia and Canada.

Is it possible to perform a third-party test of your products all by myself?
It is our responsibility to offer high-quality products and before we present them for sale, we thoroughly check them to ensure they meet the expected standards. We also encourage our clients to test the products they buy from us and in that case, we recommend them to send us a copy of the AAA, Mass-spec, MALDI mass or HPLC test results and we will be sure to credit them for their tested products.

I understand that peptides come in different forms. Which one do I expect from yours?
We are a trusted peptide company offering our products in lyophilized powder in 2ml vials.

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