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Dropotein 2000 Iu 0.2 Ml. 6 Solution For Injection In Pre-Filled Syringes by Drogsan

Dropoetin EPO is a man-made type of protein that assists your body with delivering red platelets. Dropoetin EPO is utilized to treat anemia brought about by chemotherapy or chronic kidney disease. Erythropoiesis Invigorating Specialists (ESA), sold as Dropoetin, is a medication that animates the bone marrow to make red platelets. They are utilized to get […]
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HMG by Deus Medical

Hmg 75 IU Infusion is utilized to treat fruitlessness in ladies. It is additionally known by the name of Menotropin. It is a hormonally dynamic medication that invigorates the creation of eggs in the ovaries in instances of ladies who experience the ill effects of ovarian disappointment. This prescription is removed from the pee of […]
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Relipoietin 4000IU Injection by Reliance Life Sciences

Relipoietin 4000IU Infusion contains the dynamic constituent Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Alfa. It invigorates the development of red platelets (red platelets convey the hemoglobin, a substance which transports oxygen) in the bone marrow. It is utilized to treat sickliness in kidney illness patients, decently frail grown-ups going to have a medical procedure, grown-ups with bone marrow […]
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Steatel l-carnitine injection 1000 mg / 5ml box of 5 ampoules (fat burning, lean muscle, endurance, anemia, etc)

L-carnitine is a nutrient that is used to help burn fat, improve athletic performance, help with sperm production, improve testosterone levels, and improve metabolism.
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