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Buy Argireline (Acetyl hexapeptide-3) 100mg For Sale

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline) inhibits the release of neurotransmitters as it interferes with the formation and stabilization of the protein complex needed for docking vesicles of acetylcholine release.
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EPO by Deus Medicals

What is erythropoietin? Red platelets are delivered in the bone marrow (the supple tissue inside the bone). To make red platelets, the body keeps a satisfactory stockpile of erythropoietin (EPO), a chemical that is delivered by the kidney. EPO helps make red platelets. Having more red platelets raises your hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is the protein […]
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Ghrp2 5 mg + Ghrp 6 5 mg by Magnus Pharma

GHRP-2 (referred to as KP-102 too) is a short polypeptide have a place with gathering of delivering proteins of development chemical, it contains six amino acids in particular. Its atomic mass is 817.9 and its sub-atomic recipe is C45H55N9O6. This hexapeptide was integrated in mid 90s. The gathering of peptides which KP-102 has a place […]
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Melanotan II by Deus Medical

Le Melanotan 2 is an artificially delivered of peptide chemical which is created normally in the body and invigorates melanogenesis. This peptide chemical, called alpha - melanocyte animating chemical or MSH, actuates certain melanocortin receptors during the time spent applying its belongings. For sure, MSH likewise applies a strong impact on the lipid metabolism,appetite, charisma […]
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TB-500 - Hilma Biocare

TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4, which is present in virtually all human and animal cells. The main purpose of this peptide is to promote healing. It also promotes creation of new blood and muscle cells. The healing effects of TB-500 have been observed in tendons, ligaments, muscle, skin, heart, and […]
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