ACE 031 is a strong myostatin inhibitor that has a high affinity to bind to myostatin (GDF-8), thus preventing myostatin from binding and activating its natural ACVR2B receptor that is responsible for suppression of muscle growth (preventing myostatin from delivering the muscle growth-limiting signal).

In this way, ACE 031 has the potential to significantly help in the development and maintenance of muscles and maximal skeletal muscle hypertrophy. Due to this property and ability, ACE-031 research shows great promise for patients with a symptom of neuromuscular disease.

As mentioned above, Myostatin is reported to bind to ACE-031, a soluble version of the activin type IIB receptor, and inhibit its actions. Muscle cells produce a protein called myostatin that prevents skeletal muscle growth and hyperplasia. Additionally, it’s likely that ACE-031 has an impact on sperm health, fat storage, and bone metabolism.

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