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BPC 157 is a synthetic peptide that is under research for its regenerative effects. Like all peptides, it is a short peptide chain that is composed of small building molecules called amino acids. Amino acid are powerful at its own and when they are linked together as a chain sequence they form a peptide that is powerful enough. These peptides are vital for functioning of our body, as they can send messages to cells with instructions what they should do or become.

BPC stands for Body Protective Compound and it functions like its name.

Originally, BPC 157 was discovered to work as a protection for your gut and to offer the healing properties in both our upper and lower GI tract. BPC 157 is considered as a small part of the whole BPC protein and it consists of 15 amino acids. BPC 157 is largely popular for its ability of repairing damaged joints and alleviating joint pain and mobility with the boosted recovery from any injuries. At the same time, the use of BPC 157 peptide also increases vascular flow to the tendons and ligaments to increase the healing process with the increased blood flow to damaged tissues.

BPC 157 Peptide is derived from a protein present in our stomach, which works to help treating stomach and intestinal conditions. These issues include fistulas, ulcers, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.BPC 157 peptide has gained much hype because of its ability of helping people with organ damage. Many people have experience relief from nagging injuries and tissues damage with the help of BPC 157 peptide.

The use of BPC 157 will accelerate the angiogenic repair and rejuvenation for tissues. Angiogenesis is known as the process of wound healing by forming the new blood vessels from the old ones that are involved in the organization of microvascular network.

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