Dropoetin EPO 4000ıu 6 Pen by Turkish Pharmacy


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DROPOETIN EPO 4000IU 0,4ml 6 Prepared TO Utilize PENS

Eprex, Epoetin Alfa, Alfa Epoetina, Epo, Human Erythropoietin

Weight lifters and other strength competitors utilizing testosterone substitution drugs have long known the advantages of supporting EPO and red platelets, as this is an optional impact of this classification of medications.

Preceding the improvement of rhEPO, the well known anabolic steroid Anadrol was utilized to increment red platelets. Anadrol has a standing in weight training for delivering the best siphons and outrageous vascularity. As well as expanding muscle size and strength, observable upgrades in exercise perseverance are accounted for to happen. To amplify these steroid incited EPO benefits, real rhEPO use is thought to be on the ascent among jocks and strength competitors.

Utilizing EPO:

Before use, remove 1 needle from the ice chest and hang tight for it to arrive at 15-30 room temperature. Never open the needle cover without utilizing it.

Sanitize the region you will infuse and your hands with liquor. The epo that comes to room temperature can be near the midsection button. Hitting 3 portions 3 times each week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday is suggested. The cycle time frame can be 4 a month and a half.

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