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Gonadotropin (HCG), 5000 IU/vial

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What Is Gonadotropin?

Gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body, by the pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain. It might be called the sex hormone, as it stimulates the production of sperm, for male fertility, and ovaries, for female fertility. It is widely used medically for fertility treatment in both men and women, and for helping stimulate sexual development in children who are no developing in the normal way.
HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – is produced automatically by a woman’s placenta during pregnancy, and in fact, the detection of HCG is the basis of those pee-on-a-stick pregnancy tests… However it has many medical uses, and so this hormone is synthesized in laboratories and is available to men to help them enhance their fitness regime.

The HCG Diet Plan

First developed in the 1950s, the HCG diet relies on an ultra-low calorie intake in combination with HCG. Although it doesn’t have the full approval of the medical world, many thousands of people for the past seventy years and more have benefited from this diet.
The thinking behind the HCG diet is that you will be able to have an intake of just 500 calories and day, but the HCG will prevent you from feeling hungry. This will enable you to stick to your very low-calorie diet without giving up because your level of hunger is unreasonable. And of course, this means that your weight loss will be very fast – some people have reported weight loss of up to two pounds a DAY. Compare this to the usual slow, tedious progress of the average diet, and you will see why the HCG diet plan has caught the attention of so many people who need to lose unhealthy fat – especially that dangerous belly fat – fast.
On an HCG diet, it’s important that the calories you eat are useful ones, so a big chunk of your daily intake needs to muscle-building protein. Eggs, cheese, meat, and fish are all great protein sources. You should also eat plenty of those low-calorie veggies too, really stuff yourself with kale, lettuce, cucumbers, collard greens and the like to give you the vitamins you need and to help fill you up.
The HCG Diet generally has three distinct stages. The first stage encourages you to eat lots of protein and fat for a couple of days, plus HCG. The second and main stage of the diet puts you in the 500 calories per day zone for from three to six weeks – in combination with HCG. The third and final stage is the maintenance stage, when you gradually increase your food intake, avoiding sugars and starches and ceasing to take HCG.
Combine this diet with sensible exercise, just enough to keep your muscle growth ticking over, and you, like many before you, can hope to see some very pleasing results.

HCG For Men

You are going to lose weight with a strict calorie-controlled diet of course – we all know that. But will you be losing muscle mass, or that unwanted fat and flab? Many diets actually result in valuable muscle being consumed to fuel the body’s calorific needs first – the exact result we don’t want. Users have found that HCG in conjunction with a low-calorie diet helps men, in particular, lose that fat first.
Taking HCG is thought to raise other important hormones in a man’s body, leading to that desirable anabolic growth-promoting state which many athletes and bodybuilders seek to achieve. It can be used as part of a program of taking steroids to help build muscle density and endurance.
Because HCG is used to stimulate the production of sperm by increasing testosterone levels, men may see increased fertility, and there are even reports on an increase in the size of the male sexual organ and testicles.

HCG Dosage

It’s important to stress that you stick to your recommended HCG dosage. More doesn’t necessarily mean better, and less might not prove as effective. Our recommended dosages are based on solid experience.
If you are seeking a short term boost to your testosterone levels, then the suggested dose is 500 – 1000 IU, which you take three times and week for three weeks. Follow this with the same dosage, but decrease it to twice a week for three weeks.
If you are looking for longer-term results, the 4000 IU three times each week should be taken for form six to nine months.
For bodybuilding, in conjunction with steroids, 250 IU every 3 – 4 days is generally considered to be ideal.

HCG Injections For Men

Injections are the best way to take HCG. The injection is made subcutaneously into the fat under the skin. Other methods of taking HCG can be effective, but self-administered injections under completely sterile conditions are the safest and best method for most people.


Regular injectable form.

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Mass

25719.70 g/mol

Other Names

Chorionic gonadotropic hormone, Chorionic gonadotropin, Chorulon, Coriantin, CR 123, Ekluton, Ferti-Cept, Follutein, Gonabion, gonadotrophine chorionique, Gonadotropin, chorionic Gonadotropin, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Ambinon, Antuitrin S, APL, Apoidina, Choragon, Chorigon, Choriogonadotropin, Choriogonin, Choriomon, Chorionic gonadotrophin

Physical Appearance

Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder

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