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Long[R3] insulin-like development factor-I (IGF-1 Long[R3]) is a Human Recombinant, single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 83 amino acids. It is a simple of human IGF-1 containing the total human IGF-1 grouping with the replacement of an Arginine (Arg or R) for the Glutamic Corrosive (Glu or E) at position 3 (thus R3), and a 13 amino corrosive augmentation peptide at the N-end.

Sub-atomic Weight: 9111.6 daltons - affirmed by Mass Spectrometry. It is delivered in E. coli utilizing a protected articulation framework the IGF-I Long[R3] is accurately collapsed and filtered by a few chromatography moves toward yield Receptor Grade IGF-I Long[R3].

IGF-1 L[R3] is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, white lyophilized powder planned for subcutaneous or intramuscular infusion, after reconstitution with sterile Water for infusion ( 0.3% m-Cresol).

Dose: Suggested dose of IGF-1 L[R3]: 50-80 mcg each day.

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