IGF DES 1-3 1mg


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IGF-1 DES is a truncated version of naturally occurring IGF-1 that has been shown to stimulate body growth in a range of tissues in multiple animal studies. Animal studies have also shown that carcass fat was reduced alongside muscle gains. In diabetic animals the modified peptide demonstrated effects throughout the alimentary tract and led to improvements in nutrient uptake. Although no human clinical trials using IGF-1 DES have been carried out, studies have uncovered that the peptide is naturally found in the human brain. Brain cell studies have shown that it can protect against brain damage and that it promotes brain growth. IGF-1 DES has a short half-life and is degraded within 5 minutes of administration in human. The short half-life means that IGF-1 DES 1 mg should be dosed intramuscularly.

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