Induject 250 Vial Steroid On Sale


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Induject-250 (Testosterone Blend) is a mixture of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaporate, and Testosterone Decanoate. The different proportions of esterified blends offer a different lifetime, which provides a sustained release of testosterone in the injected site. Sustanon is widely used to treat few medical conditions in Europe. The drug was useful for the treatment of infertility and administered once a month. Although Sustanon has been heavily promoted by athletes and bodybuilders as a drug of choice, a single formulation of testosterone enanthate or cypionate can do the same. The combination of esters is more suitable for the treatment of medical conditions and not for bodybuilders. One negative aspect is that Induject-250 remains in the body for a very long time and can be easily detected in urine.

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