Myostatin is a protein that potentially inhibits muscle growth. It is part of a group of proteins that may help control the growth and development of tissues throughout the body. In humans, myostatin levels can potentially increase with age, which may explain the age-associated loss of muscle mass.

Clinical research has shown that targeting myostatin is a viable strategy to potentially promote muscle growth in addition to preventing bone loss and fractures. Evidence from animal studies suggests that myostatin inhibition could lead to reduced total body fat and a lower risk for obesity.

Myostatin, also known as growth differentiation factor-8 (GDF-8), is a potential negative regulator of muscle growth and development. It is present in abundant amounts in the skeletal muscle cells and in small amounts in the myocardium, from where it may inhibit skeletal muscle growth.

Myostatin is active during all stages of the life cycle. Its levels are the lowest at birth and increase as you age. During embryonic development (before birth), myostatin potentially determines the total number of muscle fibres an individual will have. In adults, it potentially regulates muscle cell growth.

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