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What Is PEG-MGF?

PEG-MGF is the abbreviation for Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor. It’s a peptide, the function of which within the body is to repair muscle tissue. PEG-MGF stimulates the production of MGF, but it is delivered in a more stable form with the addition of Polyethylene Glycol, which stabilizes the growth factor. It acts to protect the MGF.
This peptide is produced in the laboratory and was originally developed as recently as 1996 as a possible therapeutic treatment for motor neuron disease, cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging.
In the body, MGF works to build muscle cells in specific places and is produced as needed. It is found to be present in the muscles after strenuous exercise, indicating that it is being used naturally by the body to affect repairs. The benefit of the synthetic substance PEG-MGF is that is can travel within the body, unlike natural MGF which works specifically in one location. Even though the stability of PEG-MGF in the blood probably means it will only be effective for a few minutes, this is enough for it to work on the muscles and begin building and repairing. Stem cell count is raised, with a positive effect on the development of muscle tissue.
Clinical trials of MGF have demonstrated an increased rate of repair to injured muscles, a decrease in inflammation generated by muscle injury, and a general increase in muscle strength. The issue is always that of delivery to the required site, and PEG-MGF seems to be able to overcome this problem, offering more stability within the body.

What Are The Benefits Of PEG-MGF?

PEG-MGF works to build and repair muscle. It’s also thought that it may be effective in building and strengthening bones and skeletal tissue. It protects both the heart and the neurological system of the adult human body. Its main use for the athlete or bodybuilder is to repair and build muscle in specific areas of the body.
After exercise, PEG-MGF can be used to support and accelerate the body’s natural muscle repair process. Studies at the University of Vienna in Austria have demonstrated this effect. It showed an improvement in the performance of athletes and also improved repair of injury. Similar results have also been demonstrated at the Virginia Commonwealth University.
If you try using MGF on its own, it has a very limited effect, as it only remains in the bloodstream for a very short time, and it can’t move within the body. Used in this PEG-MGF combination, this natural substance is enabled to travel and persist for much longer. The half-life is extended from just five minutes or so to a couple of hours – and that is quite a difference. Researchers have discovered that MGF has the potential to increase muscle fiber weight by up to 20% in just a few weeks, making it one of the most potent muscle enhancing and repairing substances known to science. MGF can even have an effect on old injuries, and can delay muscle deterioration due to illness or injury. When you are training, your muscles are continuously experiencing micro-tears, and the MGF which results stimulates the liver to release the growth hormone factor IGF-1. Blood flow is increased and cell repair and growth takes place. The benefit of using PEG-MGF is that while it is based on a naturally occurring substance, it works even better than your own body systems do. You do need to be cautious if you are taking a peptide designed to stimulate IGF-1, you need to get your timing correct, taking this after you take the PEG-MGF.

What Are The Results Of PEG-MGF?

The generally recommended dose of PEG-MGF is 200 to 400mcg each day, and it should ideally be taken immediately after exercise to really boost your muscle building and repair.
Users have reported fast results in terms of building muscle bulk and also of injury repair, meaning that you can get back to your full competitive level much faster than you would if you didn’t use PEG-MGF.There are no reported side effects, aside from minor irritation and slight itching at the injection site, which wear off quickly. PEG-MGF is preferred by athletes because of its long term muscle building properties and the consequent effect on athletic performance. It’s also considered safe to use, with none of the unpleasant side effects which can be experienced when taking other HGF related products.


Regular injectable form.

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Mass

2888.16 g/mol

Other Names

PEG MGF, Pegylated MGF, Mechano growth factor, IGF-1 EC

Peptide Sequence


Physical Appearance

Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder

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Shipped at Room temp.


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2 mg/vial

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