According to the available studies, S23 induced infertility in all rats it was exposed to. These effects are dose-dependent and temporary, meaning the rats regained fertility following treatment. This shows the potential of S23 as an oral male contraceptive.

In the abovementioned study, S23 produced other beneficial, desirable effects. For instance, researchers observed that S3 displays a stronger affinity to androgen receptors as compared to other popular compounds like Andarine.

S23 SARM also has an ideal anabolic-androgenic ratio, allowing it to produce a good number of positive effects without any severe complications. A couple of those effects were increased bone mineral density and lean muscle mass.

Therefore, while S23 may be effective as a male birth control pill, it can also be used for other purposes, especially among patients with chronic conditions that lead to muscle wasting. Pure Rawz sells S23 SARM for laboratory research use only.

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