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What Is TB-500?

TB-500 is a synthetic substance that is a part of Thymosin beta-4, a protein that can be found in all animal and human cells. It’s a peptide that stimulates the production of muscle cells and of blood cells and is an important factor in the promotion of healing in the body. It’s also known to help with inflammation which can be the result of illness or injury, for example around pulled tendons and ligaments.
Studies have shown that where body tissue has been subject to damage, a higher than normal amount of Thymosin beta-4 is produced in that area. The skin, muscles, eyes, heart, ligaments, and tendons have all demonstrated that where TB-500 is present, healing is accelerated and improved.
The body produces several repair agents, including the growth hormone IGF-1, but TB-500 is different because it doesn’t attach itself to the extracellular matrix, meaning it can move through the body easily and can travel through the tissues for long distances.
Another important property of TB-500 is its ability to control the production of Actin, which is one of the most important cell building proteins in the human body. So you can see that TB-500 is a very powerful instrument for the health and regeneration of your body’s cellular structure.
TB-500 is available as a powder that is dissolved in sterile water or saline and injected either intramuscularly (into the muscle) or subcutaneously (under the skin). You should use a small insulin typed syringe which has a very fine needle. TB-500 moves rapidly around the body – as we mentioned, its ability to travel is one of its main characteristics – but some users like to inject need the point of damage if they are using it to treat a specific injury. It’s a good idea to use a variety of injection points, and of course, it’s very important to maintain the strictest standards of hygiene, swabbing the injection site with alcohol and using a fresh syringe every time. You should also ensure that the powder is fully dissolved, by gentle swirling, and that there are no air bubbles present.

What Are The Benefits Of TB-500?

TB-500 has been extensively trialed and in particular, it has been used in the treatment of equine injuries. Notable benefits are many, and include:

  • Helps to speed up recovery from wounds and injuries, including internal injuries such as ulcers
  • Reduces joint inflammation and relieves tendonitis
  • Assists in the reduction of cramp and spasm in the muscles
  • Promotes healing at the cellular level as it is able to assist in the regeneration of stem cells
  • Builds and renews blood vessels, thus improving circulation of the blood
  • Increases athletic stamina and reduces fatigue, enabling improved performance and endurance
  • Helps to speed up recovery from wounds and injuries, including internal injuries such as ulcers
  • Helps to speed up recovery from wounds and injuries, including internal injuries such as ulcers
  • TB-500 has been observed to promote hair growth in males suffering from alopecia and other diseases which lead to hair loss

What TB-500 Dosage Should I Use?

TB-500 is frequently used to help repair athletic damage and injuries, and of course, the more severe the damage, the longer you will want to take in treating it. Dosage should be between 4 and 8 mg of TB-500 each week for from four to six weeks. This can be regarded as the loading period when you are building up levels of TB-500 in the body and having a high impact on injuries. Injections are most effective if the dose is divided into 2 mg doses, taken up to four times a week. After this, some users like to take a 2 to 6 mg dose every fortnight while an injury persists. This maintenance period can go on indefinitely if required. The effect of TB-500 lasts from two to three weeks after injection.
The effects of TB-500 are usually noted within just a few days of the first injection, and sometimes sooner.
There are no reports of any bad side effects from the use of TB-500.

What Are The Outcomes Of TB-500?

Users of TB-500 find that injuries and wounds heal a great deal faster with the use of TB-500 than without it. Although not a muscle mass building agent, TB-500 enables athletes to heal faster, and get back into full training more quickly. It does reduce pain, but only in that it is helping you heal more quickly; it isn’t a painkilling agent as such.
TB-500 can be used beneficially with other peptides such as Ipamorelin to reduce pain and inflammation and enhance healing even more. It’s a very useful weapon in the athlete’s health armory.


Regular injectable form.

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Mass

4963.5 g/mol

Other Names

Thymosin Beta-4 acetate, Thymosin B4, TB500

Peptide Sequence


Physical Appearance

Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder

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Shipped at Room temp.


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2 mg/vial

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