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Testosterone Cypionate is a testosterone steroid that is known for its ability to act faster in the body than other types of steroids. It is an injectable, meaning that it reaches the bloodstream faster and its effects can be seen faster. Testosterone Cypionate is also a fat burner, and is good at reducing the catabolic hormones that waste the muscles of the body. It increases the number of red blood cells in the body, which means more power to the muscles.

You need to exercise more to benefit from the full effects of Testosterone Cypionate. Testosterone Cypionate is effective if taken at 200 mg - 1000 mg per week, and can be cycled for 10 weeks to see great bodybuilding rewards. As for the side effects of Testosterone Cypionate, there is not much of a difference compared to the side effects that come with other Testosterone steroids. Most common side effects of having a lot of estrogen in the body include water retention, an increase in blood pressure, and acne.

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