Use Case: Losing Fat



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GLP-1 (Liraglutide)

GLP-1 also known as Liraglutide is a naturally occurring peptide that is known to stimulate insulin secretion. Research shows that it may potentially lower blood sugar levels and improve heart, liver, and lung function, making it a popular choice for researchers to combine with MK 677 which can potentially increase blood sugar levels. The peptide has also […]
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SR 9011

SR9011 is a Rev-Erb alpha (Rev-ErbA) agonist. Rev-ErbA is a nuclear receptor that may potentially regulate the circadian rhythm or the body’s internal 24-hour clock. Plus, it may have the ability to control the body’s metabolism and regulate memory and mood. Research shows that the nuclear receptor also regulates neuro-inflammation. SR9011 was initially developed by […]
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XUL Stack Liquid

XUL liquid consist of 33mg/ml of Cardarine and 33mg/ml of RAD 140, totaling 67mg per ml and 2g of total active compound, 1g of Cardarine and 1g of RAD-140 per bottle.
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