HGH 191AA, 10 IU/vial Kit Peptides For Muscle Growth


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The peptide HGH191AA is used to activate the human growth hormone (HDH). It helps in the deposition of proteins, the growth of tissues, and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores.

What is HGH 191AA?

Human Growth Hormone, commonly referred to as HGH or HGH 191AA, is produced by the healthy human body by the pituitary gland which is situated at the base of the brain. HGH, as the name suggests, controls the growth of the body, ensuring that the cells grow and mature at the appropriate rate.

HGH was discovered when doctors were trying to understand why some children didn’t develop at the right rate, and remained small and weak. It was found that injections of HGH corrected this problem and enabled children to grow properly. This was obviously a great blessing to those people with a particular condition but as an interesting off-shoot from that research it was found that HGH could affect the growth of normal individuals. And so HGH therapy was born.

Once derived from human cadavers, HGH is now produced in strictly controlled conditions by recombinant DNA technology. This process has undergone extended safety trials, and HGH is considered appropriate for use in humans.

How Can HGH Help You?

Because HGH stimulates the growth of cells, it can help improve muscle mass in athletes and people wishing to improve their strength and endurance or heal from injury. Since the 1980’s, athletes in weight lifting, swimming, baseball, mixed martial arts, endurance sports, cycling, swimming, and many other sports have used this naturally occurring hormone to improve their levels of performance and fitness. Used in combination with normal training and dietary methods, many athletes feel that their performance is enhanced by using HGH.

Additionally, HGH is thought to be able to combat many common signs of aging, including bone fragility, the decline in the ability to think clearly and to remember, deterioration of skin tone, and muscle weakness. It is also believed to slow down the progress of heart disease.

HGH will help you:

  • Pack on more muscle, by improving the rate at which your natural cell replacement takes place.
  • Enhance recovery from strenuous exercise and from sports and other injuries by promoting regeneration of muscles.
  • Repair injuries incurred in sports, exercise, and work faster.
  • Lose fat, because HGH stimulates the breakdown of fats in the body, especially in combination with steroids.
  • In particular, lose that dangerous fat around the abdomen.
  • Strengthen your immune system, meaning less downtime at work and play from colds, coughs and minor ailments.
  • Improve your athletic and personal performance, giving you greater stamina, and a greater ability to work and play harder and longer.

HGH 191AA Dosage

It’s very important to take the correct dose of HGH 191AA if you are looking to improve stamina, enhance leanness and improve your resistance to injury. Too much HGH might have just the exact opposite effect to the ones you seek. So be guided by the dosage recommendations on HGH products, and don’t think that by taking more, you’ll get a better effect – it’s likely that you won’t.

Some users like to combine HGH with other supplements and steroids to improve the overall effect of HGH.

It’s generally recommended that you take between 4 and 6 IU’s of HGH per day. (1IU is equal to 3mg.) This is the kind of dosage you would use to achieve body mass building and aging reduction results. This may seem like a lot, but HGH doesn’t last long in the body before in ceases to be effective – this is known as its half life.

Equally, very high dosages can be used under medical supervision to aid in such things as recovery from serious burns and accidents. This kind of dosage is only utilized for a few weeks and must be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

A more conservative approach suggests two units of HGH per day. This would maybe be a good place to start and see how you respond.

As with any supplement, it’s very important that you stick closely to the dosage instructions you’ve been given. Remember, taking more doesn’t mean it will work better. In fact, it can really make things worse. It’s also recommended that you take your HGH in the morning, as the body’s own HGH production swings into action at night, allowing for the body to grow and repair itself as you sleep. If you take your HGH late in the day, this may reduce the benefit of taking the supplement.

What Is The HGH Cycle?

You may have heard of the HGH Cycle and wondered what it meant. Essentially, it means that you will stick to a dosage regime which changes over the months in order to allow for the effects that HGH will be having on your body. A slow and steady regime usual carefully controlled dosage will produce much better results than a careless, uninformed program of just taking HGH. HGH is often used in conjunction with other substances, such as steroids when aiming to build muscle and you will achieve the best results if you follow a carefully planned dosage cycle.

A normal cycle will normally last for around twelve weeks. Start at a low dose level, for example, 500mg in the first week, divided into two doses, and gradually increase the dosage, carefully observing how your body is reacting. You should make sure you eat a good diet, with plenty of proteins and good fats – butter, olive oil, fat in your naturally raised meats – vegetables, a very small amount of carbs and some fruit. Limit your intake of sugar and alcohol to a bare minimum. Exercise regularly and push yourself a little, but not too much. Make sure you drink plenty of water especially around exercise time and with meals.

HGH Injections

One of the very best ways of getting your HGH is via injection, especially if you are 40 years old or more. This generally involves going to a doctor and getting a prescription. Many doctors are unfamiliar with the therapeutic benefits of HRH, and so it might be hard for you to find someone who will undertake to prescribe this for you. However, if you find a doctor who will help, this is a good way to get your HGH. Alternatively, you can purchase injectable HGH from reputable online sources.

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