PT-141, now called Bremelanotide, is currently under development for use as a treatment for hemorrhagic shock, female sexual dysfunction, and reperfusion injury.

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg Peptide For Sale


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Pt-141 is a short chain peptide derived from Melanotan II. Unlike MT-II, PT-141 does not stimulate melanogenesis (the production of melanin) but rather binds to melanocortin receptors.

Bremelanotide is a melanocortin peptide analogue that is currently being studied as a potential treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Bremelanotide has shown promise in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in both male and female patients. The drug is currently in clinical trials and has shown some efficacy in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Molecular Formula C50H68N14O10
Molecular Weight 1025.2
CAS 189691-06-3

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg Peptide For Sale Structure

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