Theacrine Nootropics Tablets For Sale

Theacrine Nootropics Tablets For Sale


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Theacrine is offered in 2 variants: 150mg per tablet for 20 tablets, totaling 3g and 150mg per tablet for 40 tablets, totaling 6g.

Theacrine (1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid) is a purine alkaloid found in tea leaves and certain other plants. It is structurally similar to caffeine. Theacrine has stimulant effects and is often used as a dietary supplement. Theacrine has a variety of potential benefits including improved energy and focus, increased motivation, and enhanced athletic performance. It may also improve mood and help to reduce stress levels.

CAS Number 2309-49-1
Molar Mass 224.22 g/mol
Chemical Formula C9H12N4O3
IUPAC Name 1,3,7,9-Tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione

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