SR9011 + GW0742 Injectable For Sale

SR9011 + GW0742 Injectable For Sale


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SR9011 is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand that binds and activates Rev-ErbA. The half-life of SR9011 is relatively long. Research suggests that SR9011 can help improve sleep quality.

SR9011 is a research chemical developed by Professor Thomas Burris of Scripps Research Institute. SR9011 activates the Rev-Erb protein. This protein affects the regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism, fatty-acid catabolism, and whole-body energy homeostasis. SR9011 changes the circadian rhythm of the body, so it can be used to control sleep patterns. SR9011 also increases muscle cells by enhancing muscle gene regulators.

GW0742 is a selective agonist of the PPAR-delta receptor. GW0742 has been shown to increase energy expenditure, increase type I and type II muscle fiber size, increase glucose uptake by skeletal muscle, and decrease triglyceride accumulation in skeletal muscle. GW0742 also increases fatty-acid oxidation and reverse cholesterol transport.

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